Urban Fantasy Land Readers' Choice Award

Here's another award information announcement to go with my last two posts. Urban Fantasy Land just announced that voting is open for the 2008 Urban Fantasy Awards.

Maybe, like me, you aren't quite sure what constitutes Urban Fantasy. My mental image--one of a dark city with bad creatures and people whacking away at each other--is not too far from the definition posted on the U.F. website's welcome page:

"Urban fantasy looks like our modern world, except for the creatures. You might walk into a department store and find vampires, werewolves, faeries, demons, zombies, ghosts and ghouls, where you would find other shoppers or clerks. Or you might be the only one who sees them. Sometimes the creatures are openly part of the world, and sometimes they are hidden. There’s not always a romantic story, but when there is, it doesn’t end happily. [Happily Ever Afters are considered Paranormal Romance.]"

Anyway. There is a YA category for the 2008 awards, so I was able to cast a vote based on informed opinion. Though I do wonder how the list of books for which readers could vote was picked. I would have liked to have seen Need, by Carrie Jones, on the list...

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