No Timelip Tuesday, but some satisfaction...

Last night I found the timeslip book I was going to write about today, and tried to re-read, but failed. I was right in the middle of another book, an unputdownable one, that I just couldn't stop reading--The President's Daughter, by Ellen Emerson White. This is the first book of a four part series about a girl who's mother happens to be the first female president...I read the fourth book, Long May She Reign, first, then the third book Long Live the Queen, and now I've read the first book! It is fascinating, going back to the beginning of Meg's story, and seeing that she is the same character--younger and less bruised by fate, but still, so Meg! And now I have the second book to look forward too...

Here are some actual reviews of The President's Daughter-at the YA YA YAs, and the Bookshelves of Doom. What they said.

So that was a satisfying night of reading, even though I didn't read my timeslip book. I was gratified that my husband sat on the other comfy chair, reading a book I gave him for Christmas (The Deportees and Other Stories by Roddy Doyle), and even more pleased that my older boy sat on the sofa, peacefully reading the Spiderwick Chronicles to himself. I was not exactly gratified that my youngest son was playing Dark Dark Dark imaginary games with the legos--death, destruction, rampaging, etc--but at least he was not keeping the rest of us from our books. And then, to put the icing on my cake, my mother called to say that she had been up till 3 am the night before, reading the book I gave her for Christmas--The Hunger Games.

What with having to go to work, buy chicken food, buy people food, etc., I didn't have time to read the poor little timeslip story, and now I am here at the library, for an evening of book sorting and book sale planning. So there it is. Next Tuesday.


  1. Whatever you post about is of interest, Charlotte. That's just the way it is.


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