anyone want to come to Providence????

Leonard Marcus is giving an illustrated talk based on his book Minders of Make-Believe
at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum (224 Benefit Street, Providence), starting at 7 p.m. next Wednesday, January 21. There will be a book signing afterwards (or after words--ha ha).

As far as I know, I am the only kidlit blogger in Rhode Island (it can't be true. There must be someone else????), but if there is anyone from, say, Attleboro MA who might want to come, maybe we could meet up.


  1. The title of your post caught my eye -- rumor has it I was -- ahem -- conceived in Providence. Tee hee. My parents lived there when they were young and my dad was studying at the Naval War College. War College. I guess it's something that must be studied. Sigh. How about Peace College? Anyway, I've never seen Providence with my own eyes, but hear it is beautiful :-)

    Would love to hear Leonard Marcus some day. Oh, I just saw in the paper that the awesome picture book illustrator Allen Say lives in our neighborhood! I had no idea. He's signing at a children's bookstore literally 1 minute away. So cool!

  2. Sadly, it is not cheap to get from Portland to Providence, as I found last year when I was wondering if I could go to the conference...but any time you are in New England, Laini, you are welcome to visit us!

  3. Sounds interesting, but I'm not sure about driving home that late on a Wednesday evening....


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