48 hour reading challenge check in

At 9:23am, Saturday, I hit 20 hours. It would have been ten minutes more if it hadn't been raining yesterday when I was waiting for the bus. I don't mind getting rained on myself, but I can't have that happen to a book.

Dissapointingly, I have only read 8 and a bit books....thanks mainly to reading a longish and thought provoking non-fiction book yesterday. I had warned my c0-worker in advance that I would doubtless be interrupting him all day, as thoughts were provoked. It proved to be the case, and slowed the reading down. This is discouraging, I still have over forty (give or take) in my to be read pile. And the to be read pile is on the wood stove, and if it keeps on being cold and wet we might need a fire, and then where will I put all the books? The obvious answer--in the fire-- is not an option. The floor is not an option either. It is covered at the moment in blocks and legos. Since I am walking around reading (exercise is so important ha ha), this is a nice little challenge for me.

I will be providing page count and book list after I read....

Isn't it fun to see so many different blogs taking part! Good for us! I'm glad I started early, so that I'll have Sunday to go visiting.


  1. Oh my gosh, Charlotte! That's a lot of reading time. Very impressive. I'm only at 9+ hours myself (after starting at 1:30 pm yesterday). I've been taking a few breaks out to go visits (Pam is counting a bit of that this year), but I, too, look forward to more tomorrow evening.

  2. Wow! That is wonderful. I can definitely empathize with being foiled by rain at the bus stop. I used to wear fingerless gloves so I could turn pages, but was always foiled by the Seattle drizzle. I wonder if the Kindle reader s waterproof....

    I'm currently at 6 hours and am on my third book. I have a gig today and am meeting family tonight, but am hoping that I can just read in all the spaces inbetween.

  3. Wow! That is amazing. I've had to take a few breaks, I'm looking forward to this evening and tomorrow to do the bulk of my reading. Being that this is my first challenge, I'm just enjoying an excuse to read and let my husband worry about finding dinner!

  4. Doing great Charlotte! Remember that this year you can count time spent visiting participants blogs or Twitter accounts. I'm finding that it breaks the time up nicely. I do my in 30 minute blocks, but basically for every five hours you read/write you can do one hour of networking. So with twenty hours, you owe yourself about four hours so far! (Though doing that all at once would also get tedious.)

  5. That's SO impressive, Charlotte. Good for you. I hit 30 hours, and I've only read 3 books. *hangs head*. Perhaps I should just choose shorter ones??

  6. I bow to the 20 hours! YOU ROCK!


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