48 hour read challenge second Saturday update

I have no exact idea how long I've read--I have just started my third piece of paper, with notes like 2:37 to 2:54, 2:57 to 3:46, etc. Four minutes being how long it takes to get drinks and snacks for children. I'm home alone with the boys for the day, which is fine, and they are being very self reliant, but they just can't yet successfully manipulate a gallon of milk/reach the snacks they want/make their own nutritious lunches. Oh well. Thank goodness for the audio book option--we played outside for an hour, while we listened to a Time Detectives book....

My six year old has been trying to read lots today too, thinking that I could add his minutes to my own....sweet.

Book highlight so far today: Silksinger. What exciting fun.

Best first chapter: "A New Girl Comes to the Ballet School." I love ballet school books, and this one is an obscure older one--Ballerina, by Nada Churcija-Prodanovic, about the state ballet school of Yugoslavia in the 1950s. I got it this past Christmas, and am glad to finally be reading (and enjoying) it now.


  1. I have two small boys too, and have had to stop to feed them or disentangle them. Stepping on legos here too. But reading!! LOL.

  2. I love ballet school books too! I wonder if that one is findable?

    (And about Silksinger: :-)!

  3. Me too! I love ballet school books! Have you read Ballet Shoes by Noel Stretfield? It's a classic 1936 children's book, and it's so so good. I should dig it out again, haven't read it in years.


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