Putting my money where my mouth is (and my mouth where my money is)

I have lots and lots of reviews to write, but two very special mugs came in the mail for me today, and I wanted to quickly post about them:

They were generously donated by artist Erin Swift to an on-line auction that helped kick start Tu Publishing, and I was the lucky high bidder! Thank you, Erin!

And thanks in advance to the folks at Tu Publishing, for promising us multi-cultural science fiction and fantasy books for children and young adults.

From their website: "We want to publish exciting, adventurous books that children of all backgrounds will be able to either see themselves in or find a window to another world—or both, because what fantasy book isn’t a window to another world?"

Yes please!


  1. Those are gorgeous! I'm so happy and grateful that all of this came together.

  2. Beautiful!!!!!
    I'm still SO DANGED EXCITED that Tu received 103% of their funding. That just tickles me to death. In a year of bad news, that was a sweet foretaste of 2010.


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