Just to say that I'm busy reading...plus pictures of a garden mistake

This is not an official updating of my 48 hour reading challenge stats--when I finish at least one of the three books I have going I'll update.

But I did want to quickly say that if you are looking for this week's middle grade science fiction and fantasy round-up, please come back around 3--I stop reading at 2, so it should be up by then....

And, just because, here's a rose that is bringing me very little pleasure. You will notice that it is very Pink, and this was taken on very cloudy day--the effect is even more so in sunlight. It's right next to the back step, where I sit every morning to drink my coffee....and its pinkness really truly gets on my nerves, which aren't at their best then anyway.

It was not supposed to be this pink. Here is what we thought we were getting when we ordered Madam Gregoire Staechelin. Much nicer. Sigh.


  1. Have you asked for your money back, and for a replacement? If not, please do so, then go guerilla gardening and transplant that pink to some neighbor's house. In that way, it will bring you great joy every time you see it. :)

  2. Sadly, we've had the rose three years now...this is the first year it's really bloomed. If I'm going to sue anyone, it will be the book where we saw it's picture.

    But we might well move it to the front yard, out of our every day sight.

  3. And here I was admiring its picture on the blogs-you-follow page!

  4. I think my problem with it, Bookwyrme, is its proximity to my sitting and thinking place....in its own vibrant, pink way it is all one could ask for in a vibrant pink rose!

  5. It would cheer me every single moment I looked its way.
    Gorgeous, stunning and perfectly pink.


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