48HRC Wrap-up Post

(note--to those looking for the mg sff roundup, it won't be up till later this evening....I've been too busy reading to do other crucial household tasks, and must do those first....)

I have just finished 48 hours of not reading as much as I would have liked to, but which brought me great reading pleasure none the less.

Since I last posted, I have read

The Chalet at Saint-Marc, by Suzanne Butler (1968, 114 pages), which was just about the most unexciting children trapped alone by heavy snow story that I have ever read. They never run out of food or fuel; although someone falls ill, it is a random neighbor; the rescue mission to bring said neighbor help is easy as all get out; and to top it off the rescue helicopter makes an utterly uneventful round-trip. Hmph.

Can't Wait to Get to Heaven, by Fannie Flagg (359 pages). Although I was moved to tears (literally) by this touching story, and read it avidly, at the end of it I was feeling that the central character (an old woman of great folksy charm, wisdom, virtue, loved by all who know her, friend of the small animals and bringer of happiness to all living things she encounters) maybe was a bit too good to be true. But I enjoyed it.

The Sunny Side, short stories and poems by A.A. Milne (312 pages). I very much enjoy Milne's essays, and hoped I'd like these stories, but didn't, quite, although I did chuckle now and then.

Plus "Broomsticks and Sardines," by Joan Aiken, out loud to children (10 pages of hideously tiny type, difficult for one who has become accustomed to the swollen fonts of contemporary children's books to read in a dark room. The copy I was reading from was my own from when I was 10).

plus 98 pages of Hawksbill Station, by Robert Silverberg (haven't finished it yet, but it's very good), and 253 pages of Mistress of the Storm,by M.L. Welsh, that I also haven't finished but intend to later today because it is really good, and I will be writing about it tomorrow.

Final Stats:

Pages Read: 2963 (less than the past two years, but I was alone with the kids, and goodness knows they'd be in trouble if they were the ones stuck in a snow-buried chalet without parents)

Time Spent Reading and Blogging
: 15 hours and ten minutes time spent reading, plus 2 hours and forty minutes of social media time, for a grand total of 17 hours and 50 minutes

Number of Books No Longer on my TBR Pile
: 13
Effect this has had on my TBR pile: negligible
Number of tbr books discovered in a box in the hallway after photo of tbr pile was taken: 11; Number of tbr books I forgot were in a secluded pile in the spare room: 7. Overall feeling that progress has been made--some, because I did read some books that I've had for ages.

Number of Books that Made Me Cry: 3 out of 13. Not bad.

What made this 48HRC different from previous ones: I DID NOT MISPLACE A SINGLE BOOK! No time wasted wandering around cursing!

Thanks so much, Pam, for hosting this again!


  1. Ooh, Milne stories! Cool. And Robert Silverberg is always excellent.

    I'm so glad you got to read. I keep promising myself, "next year!"

  2. Congratulations on reaching the finishing line! I understand your feeling of not having barely scraped the TBR pile... I read slowly and only finished 8 books this weekend. But I had tons of fun. It sounds like you did as well!

  3. LOL on not misplacing a single book! I didn't dent my TBR pile with any significance, but it was fun trying. Thanks for playing!

  4. At least the TBR pile is smaller! Sounds like you had a very diverse list.

  5. That's a lot of reading, congratulations!! I'm still chugging along! =)

  6. Congrats! That's awesome that you could spend so much time on reading. Love it. And yes I can relate to the to read list never shrinking.

  7. Yay for not losing any books!

    I'm impressed by how much you read since three of the books made you cry. Sometimes those books wipe me out and I need time to recover before I can read anything else.


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