Dragonbreath: Nightmare of the Iguana

I have raved many times before about the Dragonbreath books by Ursula Vernon.  They are my default recommendation for books to give the child who is betwixt and between easy readers and longer books--generous font size, heavy on graphic panels that advance the story (although less so as the series progresses), both girl and boy friendly, and funny as heck.   And they are also perfect for giving to your picky 12 year old reader, because they aren't at all patronizing/condescending, so older readers can enjoy them too, and it is so nice to see said picky reader reading a book cover to cover grinning his head off. 

So book 8, Nightmare of the Iguana, is out now, and we get to meet Suki, the smart and sarcastic ex-Ninja gecko, again!  Yay!  It is especially nice for Wendell, the geeky young iguana, because they kind of fancy each other.  Except that Wendell is being plagued by horrible nightmares, with potentially disastrous consequences...and to save him, Danny Dragonbreath and Suki must venture into his unconscious mind...a strange and terrible place....

I probably grinned as much reading it as my twelve year old.  I think Curse of the Were-Wiener is still my favorite, but this one was lots of fun. 

And the next book is on its way, in which Danny, Wendell, and their friend-who-is-a girl [sic] must hunt down mutant thieves, in The Case of the Toxic Mutants, coming Sept. 1..... I hope we get to meet the potato salad again (it's my favorite living potato salad of all time).


  1. Just picked up Book 1 for my "betwixt" (love that word by the way). Hoping its the beginning of a series love.

  2. I love this series - gave the first book to my cousins way back when.

  3. Ooh! Thank you for reminding me of these. I think my boy is just ready enough to read these himself now!


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