This week's middle grade sci fi/fantasy round-up (Feb. 10, 2013)

Here's what I found this week--please let me know if I missed your post!  Reminder: anyone--bloggers, authors, publicists, etc.--is welcome to send me links at any time, although I do reserve the right not to include posts I don't find particularly useful (like announcements, or posts that read like ads).

The Reviews

The Anybodies, by N.E. Bode (aka Julianna Baggott) at Australian Fantasy Adventures

The Colossus Rises, by Peter Lerangis, at The Pretty Good Gatsby
and The Readers Heartstring

Dark Lord: The Early Years, by Jamie Thomson, at Charlotte's Library

Freakling, by Lana Krumwiede, at Charlotte's Library

Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities, by Mike Jung, gets its final posts from group readers Maria's Melange The Brian Lair, and The Library Fanatic

Girl Meets Ghost, by Lauren Barnholdt, at Charming Chelsey's

The Girl Who Slipped Through Time, by Paula Hendrich, at Charlotte's Library

Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow, by Nathan Bransford, at Kiss the Book

The Last Dragonslayer, by Jasper Fforde, at books4yourkids

Margaret and the Moth Tree, by Brit Trogen and Kari Trogen, at That's Another Story

Obsidian Mirror, by Catherine Fisher, at Working for the Mandroid

Physik, by Angie Sage, at Leaf's Reviews 

Prince Puggly of Spud and the Kingdom of Spiff, at Bookworm1858 by Robert Paul Weston

Princess Academy, by Shannon Hale, at books4yourkids

The Red Pyramid, by Rick Riordan, at Nerdy Book Club

Return to Titanic, by Steve Brezenoff, at Time Travel Times Two

Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom, by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams, at Geo Librarian

Ms. Yingling has two--Dead City, by James Ponti, and Son of Slappy (Goosebumps-Most Wanted) by R.L. Stine

Authors and Interviews

Paul R. Hewlett (Lionel's Grand Adventure) at A Thousand Wrongs (with giveaway)

Kell Andrews (Deadwood) at Project Mayhem

Marissa Burt (Storybound) at Middle Grade Ninja (I missed this one last week)

Other Good Stuff:

Even though it's not middle grade, I want to send a quick congratulations to my college house-mate Elisabeth Kushner, whose picture book, The Purim Superhero, just came out.  

A list of fantasy for music lovers, at alibrarymama

A giveaway of interest--The Blackhope Enigma and its sequel, The Crimson Shard, at There's a Book 

A YA book that I am very intrigued by is Midwinterblood, by Marcus Sedgwick--not because it actually sounds like a perfect fit for me, but because it was partly inspired by Carl Larsson’s painting Midvinterblot:

I have a tremendous fondness for the paintings of Carl Larsson, which mostly aren't about midwinter sacrifices, and are instead mostly paintings of children and people making and doing ordinary things.   There is one picture of a girl that I find particularly haunting, so if anyone else feels like writing a fantasy inspired by one of his paintings, could you please write me Suzanne's story?


  1. Thanks for sharing the links. They're awesome as usual.

  2. I...had no idea Larsson had done a painting of midwinter sacrifices. Now, whenever I look at my four seasons posters I am going to think of that!

  3. Wait, are you talking to me viz. Carl Larsson? Also love the Illustration of a Ghost or an Angel.

  4. I have the website I linked to in my favorites at work--I actually found it when I was looking for images of root cellars, and I find his pictures (when they aren't of sacrifices) incredibly soothing (so looking at them occassionally helps me work better). Except that I do wonder why Suzanne is being menaced by those demons...and I actually find the Ghost or Angel a bit distrubing. I mostly like the cute kids, and the flowers, and the furniture!


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