Bout of Books update

I've read embarrassingly little for the Bout of Book Readathon....I was actually too sick to want to read in the middle of the week (the horror!) and work does get in the way something fierce...

But for what it's worth, here's what I've read in the past five days:

3 Terry Pratchett books--Small Gods, Lords and Ladies, and Soul Music, plus 104 pages of Hogfather (there's a reason why I am reading Pratchett straight through....but I'm not quite convinced its going to happen, so more later on that score....)

The Secret of the Ginger Mice, by Frances Watts

197 pages of The River of No Return, by Bee Ridgeway

89 pages of The Bank of Bob, by Bob Harris (a nonfiction book about Kiva loans)

56 pages of Penelope, by Penelope Farmer


  1. I hope you feel better. I had a bout of the flu myself this week. I love Terry Pratchett so I'm all for anyone reading his books. :-)

  2. Spring flu is the worst! Sorry to hear it found you.
    I hope you'll soon feel like telling us more about The River of No Return. It's on my TBR stack, but there are so many middle grade and YA books I want to read that I can't find time for adult reading!
    Take care of yourself!


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