Elementary/middle grade spculative fiction books published way back in the fall of 2014 that haven't been nominated for the Cybils yet

So yesterday I shared a list of unpublished and as yet un-nominated book eligible for this years Cybils, because of being worried that since fewer people have read them, and so they might be overlooked.  Today I share another group I worry about--the ones published in the fall of 2014.  The eligiblitiy period this year is Oct 16, 2014 to Oct, 15, 2015, but 2014 is so long ago now that it's books might have drifted to the back of people's minds.  So I quickly went through Kirkus' reviews, and pulled out these books (I haven't read them yet, nor have I checked with utmost care to ensure that they are eligible and don't have earlier editions kicking around), and if you read one of them and loved it, do feel free to nominate it!

by Jane Yolen

by Jason Fry

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  1. I think I am keeping track of the interesting books, then I read a list like this. I have heard of one of the books.


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