Some books elibigle for this year's Elementary/Middle Grade Cybils that haven't been published, or nominated, yet

Currently (after two days of nominations) there are 55 books in contention for this year's Cybils Award in Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction, and they are fine books indeed--it would be rather easy to come up with a strong shortlist of seven from these books alone.  

But there are plenty of books that haven't been nominated yet, and even though it is early days still, since the nomination period doesn't end till Oct 15, I am getting twitchy.  I get especially antsy about the books that haven't been published yet (Oct 15 is also the publishing deadline), and even more especially antsy about the ones I haven't read which haven't been published.  So I made a list of some books not yet published, though I'm sure I'm missing lots of goods ones. 

If you've read and loved one of these, do consider nominating it for the Cybils

by Devon Hughes


  1. I'm curious why the nomination period ends on Oct 15 if some eligible books don't come out until then. I suppose people get ARCs, but that limits the number of people who might have read the book.

    1. ...
      It does, and I guess the punlication deadine could be moved to Oct 1.....I'll mention it to the other Cybils folks when I see them next weekend!


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