This week's round-up of middle grade fantasy and science fiction from around the blogs (7/22/18)

Here's what I found in my blog reading this week; please let me know if I missed your post!

The Reviews

The Book Jumper, by Mechthild Glaser, at Kara Armstrong

Carnival Magic, by Amy Ephron, at Children's Books Heal

Dragon's Egg, by Sarah L. Thompson, at Say What?

Dragon's Green, by Scarlett Thomas, at Say What?

The Elsewhere Emporium, by Ross McKenzie, at Mr Ripleys Enchanted Books

The Girl Who Drank the Moon, by Kelly Barnhill, at Leaf's Review

The Language of Spells by Garret Weyr, at Waking Brain Cells

The Legend of Podkin One-Ear, by Kieran Larwood, at Patrick Samphire 

Longburrow: The Gift of Dark Hollow (The Five REalms #2) by Kieran Larwood, at Log Cabin Library

Marabel and the Book of Fate, by Tracy Barrett, at Ms. Yingling Reads

MINRS3, by Kevin Sylvester, at Ms. Yingling Reads

The Song of Glory and Ghost, by N.D. Wilson, at Pages Unbound

The Train of Lost Things, by Ammi-Joan Paquette, at Charlotte's Library

The Tunkey of Highgate Cemetery, by Allison Rushby, at Falling Letters

Willa of the Woods, by Robert Beatty, at The Cultress

Authors and Interviews

Rebecca Caprara and illustrator Laura Diehl (The Magic of Melwick Orchard) at MG Book Village

Clive King, author of the classic mg time slip story Stig of the Dump, has died.

Kai Wallace (City of Islands), at Nerdy Book Club

Other Good Stuff

The video premiere of The ASsaniation of Brangwain Spurge, at Fuse #8

Filming begins on Jacqueline Wilson's retake--Four Kids and It,  of E. Nesbit's Five Children and It, at The Guardian

Keeper of the Lost Cities raises some interesting questions, at Pages Unbound

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