My update page for the second day of the 24 in 48 Readathon

(if you're here looking for this week's round-up of mg sci fi/fantasy, it's here)

So I read for only ten  hours yesterday, and got another hour in this morning, which leaves me with 13 hours of reading in the 15 and a half left of today!  Thank goodness I have an audiobook I'm enjoying.

The first challenge of the day is:

your favorite, under-the-radar book

Which is hard.  Because lots of my favorite books are mid 20th century British girls books, and those aren't under the radar if you like that sort of thing too.....so I'm going with a recent book that I recommend to everybody, that grown-ups might not be reading because it is a graphic novel for younger readers--Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World, by Penelope Bagieu

9:24 am. have reached 12 hours of reading.  It is a good thing it is raining, not just because we need it, but because I will not be tempted to swap reading for weeding....

10:33 am have reached 13 hours; 11 to go....no breaks for me today if I am to reach 24.  Have just finished Final Draft, by Riley Redgate--can't think of a better realistic fiction book to offer the young lesbian/bi-curious sci fi geek teen in your life.  Will recommend to a couple of kids I know in my son's class.

12:07  have now reached 14 hours, 30 minutes--9 and a half to go.....and it's time for another challenge!

What’s the oldest children’s book you have, or a book you’ve held onto since your childhood? Share it with us!

I have my grandmother's copy of Anne of Avonlea, clearly much loved and much read, into which she'd tucked fashion drawings she'd made as a girl....growing up on a farm in Eastern Oregon, with unsympathetic Prussian parents, she didn't have much in the way of books or fashion, so I find this rather poignant.

4:15 pm another three hours of reading (mostly listening); 6 and a half hours left!

5 pm Have just finished Furyborn, by Claire Legrand....about which more later this week.  5 hours and 45 minuts left....but unlikely that I'll make it.

6:35 pm 4 hours and 35 minutes left to read...and the Final Challenge of the Readathon!

we want to see the first book on your shelves, and the last book on your shelves.

I cannot answer this question.  I have 14 bookshelves on the first floor of my house, and lots more upstairs.  I don't know how I'd pick first and last.   Since the bigger point of the question is how do you organize, I can speak to that--I'm a clumper, based both on genre, and my personal attachment to the author.  That's all the organizing I do- I don't alphabetize by author or title.  It can make things interesting at times when I'm looking for a specific book, but mostly my feelings are constant and I find things.

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