Nonsense Snakes for Poetry Friday

I am still thinking about snakes in children's literature (see post below), and for poetry Friday I went looking for poems. I had a dim memory of Edward Lear writing "s was a silly snake" for one of his nonsense alphabets, but he doesn't seem to have done so. However, here is R for Rattlesnake:

R was a rattlesnake,
Rolled up so tight,
Those who saw him ran quickly,
For fear he should bite.
Rattlesnake bite!

Here is another Edward Lear snake:

"The Scroobious Snake,who always wore a Hat on his Head, for fear he should bite anybody."

There is a lovely Edward Lear website here with a very handy index. I highly recommend his botanical nonsense.

For those who want more adult snake poems, here is a collection of snake poems with commentary...

The poetry Friday roundup is at Chicken Spaghetti this week

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