Link to a report on the Particles of Narrative conference, featuring Megan Whalen Turner

Last weekend, up at the University of Toronto, there was a conference called "Particles of Narrative: Language, Metaphor, and Children's Literature." I really really would have liked to go, mainly because Megan Whalen Turner was giving a talk. But it was impossible. So I was happy to find this account of the conference, with quotes from MWT, here, at Cheryl Rainfield's blog.

If there are fans of MWT out there who don't already know, there is a most active discussion forum about her books here, with lots of detailed discussion about very specific scenes and sentences, along with a touch of frivolous fan chatter.


  1. Charlotte, thanks so much for linking to my post. :) Megan Whalen Turner was fantastic! And so was Kenneth Oppel. And now I'm going to check out those other links you posted. :)

  2. Thanks for the link. I am going to reference it at Sounis for those who may be interested.



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