My Readership-- The Hobbit, by Enid Blyton

I derive much innocent pleasure from staring at my blog statistics (I don't have any comments to read, so I have to do something. Sigh). For instance, why have 44 people from Austria looked at my blog, but only 4 from Germany? It's not as though I've ever featured an Austrian book...

The reader that has impressed me most is one who found the blog through a google search for "Charlotte." No other keywords. When I saw this, I wondered if I had suddenly found more fame than Charlotte Bronte, Charlotte's Web, and the Charlotte North Carolina Public Library system. So I too googled Charlotte, but gave up after 15 pages of wrong Charlottes. Not my reader.

My favorite google search, however, is someone who found me by looking for "The Hobbit by Enid Blyton." Isn't that a charming idea: "Five Go Off on a Quest," perhaps:

Julian, Dick, Anne, George, and of course Timmy the Dog, were enjoying a lavish tea on the first day of the summer holidays (E. Blyton would put in paragraphs about the food here) when they were startled by a loud knocking at the door. Uncle Quentin burst out of his study in a rage, and swung open the front door. "I need quiet to work!" he said angrily to the old wizard, whose staff was raised to knock again...."Take the children! Take the wretched dog! Just let me have some peace!"


  1. Heh. Enid Blyton isn't really known in America, but if she'd written The Hobbit then the three Peter Jackson movies would certainly have put her on the map by now! I liked your snippet of a wizard at Kirrin Cottage. Now imagine the Five in Mordor, finding the ring before Sauron does, and outwitting the nasty Orcs at every turn. I can see the gollum trailing along with Julian, Dick, George and Anne; Timmy doesn't trust the gollum, so of course George doesn't either...

    "Preciousssssss," the gollum said, batting his eyelids at Timmy as Julian, Dick, Anne and George dismounted from the ent at Ent Station.

    "Grrr," said Timmy, his tail down.

    "I say, old chap," said Julian in surprise. "Don't be that way. Just because the gollum is of lower class stock doesn't make him bad. We have to treat everyone equally, you know. Hey, Dick, go and tell that porter to bring our bags over here at the double."

    "Well, I simply don't trust him," said George sullenly, staring defiantly at the gollum.

    "I think he's rather sweet," said Anne.

    "Preciousssssss," said the gollum, sidling up to her...


  2. Hi Keith--thanks for commenting! I especially like the Anne and Gollum bit...

  3. Hey, Charlotte. Don't worry--blog comments are down all over.

    Thanks for the Ricky Ricotta tip in another post. I may check one out and leave it lying around for Jr. He is a very capable reader but not very eager to try chapter books.


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