Ballet Shoes on television -- 1975 and 2007

The new Ballet Shoes television movie is due out in the UK around Christmas...lord knows when it will be shown over here. And what's with the high billing of Sir Donald Houghton (played by Peter Boyles) in the cast list? A very minor minor part in the book, but perhaps he has been transformed into a Love Interest for Sylvia? Pauline? Nana?

In the meantime, the 1975 BBC television version of Ballet Shoes has been posted on You Tube --here is a link that should take you to all the episodes in order (thanks, Emma, if you ever read this!). My first copy had a picture of Posy from this series, and I've always been curious about the show (and peeved that her hair didn't seem to be read), so I shall be checking it out with interest.

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