My Cybils work is done

I was up until 2am yesterday, working with my co-committee members to pick our 7 nominations for the Young Adult Cybils Awards. We had 123 books to pick from... They'll be announced tomorrow over at the Cybils website.

Thanks very much to Jackie, of Interactive Reader, who was our fearless leader! And thanks to all the rest of the gang--it was great fun working with you.

And a very big thanks to all the publishers and authors who made copies of their books available to us--they were much appreciated! I've passed most of my copies on to my local library, which will now have the best YA collection in the state of RI.


  1. I can't wait to see your results!!

  2. Thank YOU Charlotte! You were a reading machine there at the end - I saw your column! Your input was valuable, and I was proud to serve with you!

  3. Good work! I was disappointed that The Invention of Hugo Cabret didn't make the list, but there are so many good choices there. I especially want to be sure to read all the graphic novels you chose.


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