Book shelves like you've never seen them...

At the moment, I have enough room for my books. But someday my boys are (selfishly) going to want to keep their own things in their closets, so perhaps it will come to this:

Yes, this is a functional staircase. There are more pictures here. I wouldn't want to keep my better books in it, but I do have a lot of science fiction and paperback children's books that would be suitable...


  1. What an interesting bookcase! But, wouldn't it be a pain to get the books out?

  2. Me want that! That is certainly the coolest stairs I've ever seen. Otherwisely, interesting blog, lots of interesting things to read. Me like that too :)

  3. Hi Susan and Karoline,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments! It is so nice to know that one has readers...


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