Famous Five: On the Case

I had read about the new tv series, featuring a middle-aged Famous Five. But now comes this, from BBC News-Entertainment:

"Enid Blyton's Famous Five are returning to TV screens in a new animated series - with an updated 21st Century look. Famous Five: On the Case features the children of the original ginger beer-loving adventurers - and their dog, Timmy.

But the Famous Five's offspring are now multicultural; their enemies include a DVD bootlegger and they sport modern gadgets like iPods and mobile phones.

The new series launches on 5 May on the Disney Channel."

The characters include "12-year-old Anglo-Indian Jo, short for Jyoti - a Hindu world meaning light - who, like her mother George, is a tomboy and the group's team leader" and Anne's daughter Allie "a 12-year-old Californian "shopaholic" who enjoys going out and getting "glammed up" but is packed off to the British countryside to live with her cousins."

It is hard for me to imagine either of these as likely progeny, but whatever. I won't be watching--for me a large part the charm of the original books is their dated improbability, which is, of course, not going to part of this new adventure (although it might well have a large measure of its own brand of improbability).


  1. please also give the summaries of famous 5 on the case files

  2. Sorry, but I never watched it, so I can't help you!


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