Progress--blogging, bookcases, and stones

Blogging from work is not a preferred option, and blogging from home has been technically impossible, but now, progress. The home computer is updated, and this is its first test...

I also made a very satisfying progress viz books--I got a check last week for an article that came out in Dig Magazine last October (the first time I've ever been paid for writing :) --if anyone wants to learn more about my real life as an archaeologist, there it is). So I went out and bought a book case, which has given the beloved fantasy books considerably more elbow room. There are open spaces for Chalice (Robin Mckinley), Lavinia (Ursula Le Guin), and new books by Patricia McKillip, Diana Wynne Jones, and Megan Whalen Turner (hope on hope ever).

And I have also made progress (about 20 feet up a steep slope) with the stone of today. I'm building a wall, which entails rolling stones up from the deep woods behind our woods...


  1. Charlotte, you have an article in Dig? How very cool Congratulations. I'm pretty sure Jr.'s school library carries the magazine; I will look for it.


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