48 Hour Reading Challenge--my results

In conclusion: 2279 pages, 13 books read. Time spent blogging--negligible. Time spent reading--impossible to keep track of--my schedule was of the "reading while brushing teeth--2 minutes. Reading while kettle boiled 2.5 minutes" variety.

I'm a tad disappointed that I wasn't able to give myself to the challenge 100%--my sister and her two boys (4 and 3) are visiting, and what with my two boys, there was much screaming. But this year I chose my books much more wisely than last year, and enjoyed them much more.

THANKS MOTHER READER for organizing this! It was great fun!


  1. You've got impressive totals nonetheless :)

  2. Seriously impressive to read all of those books with company in town and your own kids! Way to go!!

  3. Thanks! It made it all the more exciting, to read while constantly trying to hide from children...and of course spend Quality Time with my sister!


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