"Words and Pictures" exhibit opening

This Thursday, June 19th, a new exhibit opens at the NeuroDevelopement Center in downtown Providence, RI. With the help of brain wave tracking technology, visitors will see how artwork and stories are conceptualized and how they are an integral part of a child’s brain development.

The exhibit opening looks like a lot of fun--local authors and illustrators Mary Jane Begin, Christopher and Anika Denise, Jill Lamere, Maro Garnsworth, and sculptor Ellen Blomgren will be on hand reading and drawing, and kids will also have a chance to create their own Brain Painting:

I hope they let the grownups do it too, because I want a beautiful picture straight from my very own brain. And not that I'm competitive or anything, but I just sort of want to see if my brain's picture would be the prettiest....

In addition, the NeuroDevelopment Center’s psychologists will be on hand to demonstrate EEG-guided brain-training and discuss its benefits for children with ASD, ADHD and other brain-based difficulties.

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