Three more bookstores visited

We are back again, this time from a wedding in Vermont, and that is it travel-wise for a while. Which means that I will have more quality time to spend harvesting zucchinis. And encouraging my 8 year old to finish his summer reading--three mystery books. We have 2 to go. And it's not because he hasn't been reading, we just had put off the required element...we have bred for procrastination. And, d.v., I will have more time for writing about all the books I want to write about.

We only got to visit three used bookstores on our recent trip, and had no thrilling finds. But I was able to spend about $80 of the Friends of the Library's money on some very good and very recent books that we didn't have yet (and that I have been wanting to read, not that I have an ulterior motive in making my selections or anything). We also had a very good time at the wedding!

If anyone ever wants recommendations for used bookstores in New England, let me know! At this point, I have been to almost all of them, except those in the far far north and west....

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