Wandering around looking for books

Today we are heading for home on the last leg of a trip that took us from Rhode Island all the way to Spruce Pine, North Carolina (and isn't it truly remarkable just how big Virginia really is? My mother just told me that the end of VA is at the same longitude as Detroit, which seems extremely far away...). Anyway, we drove and drove, visiting friends, and stopping at many used bookstores, some of which had sadly closed, hoping to find wondrous things, or at least one really valuable book for pennies to pay for the cost of gas. We bought many books, but sadly, nothing that will make our fortune, and of course with all those books in the trunk the cost of our gas keeps going up. Still, there is always New Jersey to look forward to today. Perhaps not many people look forward to driving through NJ, but there are several very good used book stores. There are some in Connecticut too (the Book Barn in Niantic, for instance) but by then we will probably be fading fast.

So that's why I haven't been here much this past week.

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  1. Hey Charlotte,
    You really are a book junkie, wandering around in used book stores. How fun. Glad you found some treats. No Charlie Harper though, eh? We need to find another one of THOSE books.
    I hope you don't mind. I blogged about cat sitting Nellie. I also picked some apples off the ground to feed to my rabbits, just cut out the bad spots. I love Nellie. Love your gardens, the house, the barn.
    Nellie will be happy to have her family back.
    And don't worry, the sunflowers are not broken yet, just very heavy.
    See you soon,


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