Blogging his way to a more literate life

My older son just started his own book blog. In two days, he's written about three books, and is tremendously excited about the whole thing. And it's been great to see him sitting thoughtfully and laboriously pecking out words on the computer, and sitting on the floor of his room surrounded by his books, trying to decide what to blog about next. Although, actually, his next post is going to be about his favorite online game, but at least he'll be writing, without any outside pressure at all. I'm sure as he gets more confident his posts will become longer, until as a teenager (five years from now) he will be ready to more up to such august positions as Contributor to Guys Lit Wire.

Like so many of us, he's concerned about his blog stats. I'm not putting a link in my main page list, because I am find-able if one tries hard enough, and I don't want him to be too easily identified (he's chosen the cunning alias of "Book," so that's ok).

But just this once, until he's older, here's the link to his blog: Pickled Bananas. If you have a sec, head on over and let him know he's not writing to a vacuum--I would love to see him keep writing, and reading too of course!

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