The Cybils are coming! Yes, the award that I think is the most fun, the most inclusive, and the most generally wonderful, is back for another year! The reason I think all these things is that the Cybils are for all of us voracious readers--we get to nominate those books we loved the most in the past year, in a variety of different categories. Nominations open tomorrow at the Cybils site, so head on over!

I am still musing about my own choices; here's what I have so far:

For best picture book: In a Blue Room, by Jim Averbeck (my interview with Averbeck)
For best easy reader: Stinky, by Eleanor Davis (my review)
For best middle grade fiction: Eleven, by Patricia Reilly Giff (my review. From the other reviews I've read, there are mixed opinions on this one. I think it's lovely).

For best YA: House of Dance, by Beth Kephart (my review)
For best non-fiction for younger readers: Seven Miles to Freedom: the Robert Smalls Story by Janet Halfmann (I, um, am rather fond of this one, as you can see in my review)

Added on October 1: I got all my nominations in, except one- I was beaten to Stinky by 100ScopeNotes...now I must find time for a period of quiet introspection, and ask myself if there is another easy reader I truly love.

I don't have a poetry book or an older non-fiction book picked yet...

And I'm not nominating anything in the sci fi/fantasy category either. Because I am on the panel! What fun! What a wealth of books I have in store for me!

Here is the entire line-up of us:

Organizer: Tasha Saecker Kids Lit


Laini Taylor Growing Wings
Charlotte Taylor Charlotte's Library
Alyssa Feller The Shady Glade
Em Em's Bookshelf
Lynette The Puck in the Midden
Tizrah Price The Compulsive Reader
Amanda Blau Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs


Tasha Saecker Kids Lit
Anne Boles Levy The Cybils
Erin Miss Erin
Eisha Prather Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Tanita Davis Finding Wonderland, Readers' Rants

One of the best things about being involved with the Cybils is getting to know other bloggers. So greetings to all my fellow committee members. I look forward to meeting you!


  1. You are so ahead of me. I haven't thought about what titles I'll be nominating yet. So many possibilities...

  2. Congratulations on getting on a panel! It looks like a great one, too. I'll put a few of my choices in my announcement post, too (heads up: you might be reading Marie Rutkowski's Cabinet of Wonders. I loved it!).

  3. I haven't read Cabinet of Wonders! Did you review it??? If you did, let me know the link!

  4. Great choices, and I completely stole your idea and listed my choices on my blog. In a Blue Room is also on my list.

  5. Congratulations on making the panel, Charlotte. What a great group!! I can't wait to see what you all come up with.

  6. Woohoo! You made it onto SF/F! This is exciting, indeed.

  7. I haven't posted a review of Cabinet yet, but I will! Soon, I hope. I already nominated it (as you may have noticed). Question (please forgive me if this has already been answered somewhere obvious): last year SF/F was split into two age categories; is that happening again this year? I hope so.

  8. Hi guys,


    Annamaria, I dunno if it will be split--I guess we will have to see if we have enough of both halves to make it pointful!

    At the moment, YA is leading by 9 in number of nominations. Not that I am competetive on behalf of my group or anything.

  9. Charlotte, thank you so much for nominating my book Seven Miles to Freedom: The Robert Smalls Story in the nonfiction category. I appreciate it so much!

  10. Oh my goodness, Charlotte. I didn't even see this until just now.

    I thank you, so much! Your kindness is huge (I need more words to describe you. Many.)



  11. Janet and Beth,
    the pleasure was mine!


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