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The September Carnival is up here at Jenny's Wonderland of Books, and contains many great posts about many great children's books. I'm especially pleased that Jenny mentioned that the book I offered, The Ghosts, by Antonia Barber, was a favorite of hers as well.

This was one of the few un-grumpy making things of the past few days. The chief reason for my grumpiness is that I haven't been able to do what I want, which is to read The Hunger Games gosh darn it because by now probably everyone else has and it looks really good and I read the first 31 pages and really liked it. The boys and I had walked to Barnes and Noble on Saturday, and all bought books (they didn't have the new Traction Man book, or the new Patricia Mckillip books, but they did at least have The Hunger Games, so I was happy, for a moment). And like I said, I read the first 31 pages with enjoyment.

But instead of reading pages 32 et seq. I have been stripping and priming nasty old Victorian kitchen windows from my nasty kitchen, which we kind of have to do before winter comes, i.e. soon. And the nasty toilet upstairs broke, so my husband had to fight it for hours, and couldn't help me, and as we were leaving the house this morning, the nasty ceiling fan kind of fell off the nasty ceiling.

However, thank you everyone who left comments over at my son's blog! They were appreciated. He is going to learn how to touch type in school this year (3rd grade), which should help his blogging....On the subject of comments, anyone that ever wants to leave me one, not that anyone would, of course, is welcome to.....


  1. I need to read The Hunger Games, too--I'm convinced I'm going to be the last person ever to read it (them?). It's on my hold list at the library, but who knows when I'll get it.

    And I can sympathize with both your house and comment woes. The silence can be deafening sometimes.

  2. This one is one I've been wanting to get to forever. I was so happy to learn last week that I'd won a copy! So soon...hopefully...;)


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