no Timeslip Tuesday today....

I wasn't able to write about a Timeslip Book today, because it was the Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Library, and since I am president I had to buy the cookies and cider etc. (anyone want any left over cookies and cider?) We (basically me and 2 other people) raised $4090, $2200 of which we spent on books. And many of the books came from reviews written by other bloggers--so thank you very much!

Most excitingly of all, we had two new Friends come with ideas and enthusiasm and a willingness to assume Offices. If anyone has any tips on how to recruit new active Friends and keep them happy and involved, please let me know!


  1. Congratulations, what a great haul for the year!

    Our library is so indebted to our Friends. I hope someday I can "pay it forward" to another library.


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