The Magic Thief, by Sarah Prineas

The Magic Thief, by Sarah Prineas (2008, Harper Collins, 411 pages, but in a large font with very generous spacing).

The Magic Thief has been on my "list of books to seek out list" for ages, so it was with happy anticipation that I opened it, and began to read....and read...and then the children wanted me, so I had to put it down (grrrr), but then I read some more...

Conn has survived on the streets of Wellmet alone, thanks to his quick hands and quick wits. But when he picks the pocket of the wizard Nevery, and pulls out the stone that is the locus of Nevery's magic, his life changes. But life as Nevery's apprentice isn't all fun and games--Conn has only thirty days to find his own locus magicalus, or lose his new status. Much worse is the fact that someone, or something, is sucking the magic out of Wellmet, and Conn has to use every bit of his quickness, and every bit of his new found magic, to defeat the Magic Thief.

I am very glad that this is Book 1--even though this particular plot came to a nicely wrapped-up conclusion, I want more of Conn, and Nevery, and Rowan (the distinguished girl who teaches Conn to read), and I want to find out the backstory (back story?) of Bennet, the knitting tough guy, and I want to spend more time exploring Nevery's giant, ruinous house (he blew it up 20 years before this story in a magical experiment), and I want to learn more about the magic of Wellmet...

Conn is a very engaging narrator, reminiscent of Gen in The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner (if you like that book, you'll probably enjoy this one). Interspersed with Conn's story are entries from Nevery's diary, which make for an amusing contrast.

A great book for kids 9-12ish, or anyone that loves a brisk, crisp, magical story. This has been nominated for the Cybils Awards (with good reason!), and here's another review from Nettle, my Cybilian collegue. I have a list of all the books nominated for the Science Fiction/Fantasy here; nominations close on the 15th of October.

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