When picture books make life harder, part II

I wrote, in an earlier post, about my vegetable scrubbing brush's transmogrification into a Brave Little Pet, thanks to Traction Man (by Mini Grey) .

Yesterday I was told it was Scrubbing Brush's birthday.

Scrubbing Brush didn't like the present I found for him and cried.


I bet Scrubbing Brush is going to want his own Christmas stocking. Anyone with any gift ideas for a Scrubbing Brush is welcome to contact me.


  1. This made me laugh, though I can see your plight. I love that a book inspired some fantasy play!

    How about a small dish for scrubbing brush to eat or drink out of? (Like a small bowl.) Or a towel/bedding for scrub brush (like a wash cloth)?

  2. Very funny! I have never heard of Traction Man, but I will Google him immediately. Is there really a talking scrub brush?

  3. Cheryl--thanks for the ideas!

    Laini--Traction Man is brilliant. It is one of my favorite pictures books of all time. The real Scrubbing Brush is simply a Brave Little Pet, so all he ever says is "arf! arf!" when he is warning Traction Man about the plight of the young spoons and such like.


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