Margery Gill Obituary in today's Guardian

I didn't know how familiar I was with the illustrations of Margery Gill until I read her obituary in today's Guardian. It includes a link to several of her drawings, including this illustration for Andrew Lang’s Fifty Favourite Fairy Tales:

But now that I have linked the name to the style, I realize she created many, many people who still live in my mind--The Little Princess, the children in Over Sea, Under Stone, the children in my edition of Noel Streatfeild's Apple Bough. I am overcome by nostalgia, and a strong desire to collect hardcover first editions, that (thankfully, given that my children still need to eat) will almost certainly not last. And, speaking of valuable collections, I also would like to know what the Dustman did with his....(click on the link).

The obituary is also well worth reading for its description of the development of children's book illustration in the second half of the 20th century.


  1. As the writer of Margery's obituary I'm very grateful for your comments. When I wrote that people would be familiar with her work without knowing her name, I was only guessing, but your remarks suggest the hunch was correct. I'm glad you liked it and the gallery.

  2. Just from that one picture I can link the illustrator with the books you mentioned. I wish I had my books with me to reminisce over! Thanks for the link.


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