Books I'm looking forward to in 2009

I woke up early this morning, as usual, but for the first time since October there was no compelling reason to leap out of bed and start reading. I felt lost. Directionless. (And cold--it is freezing here in New England today). Fortunately, I have a stack of books I got for Christmas and more to come on my birthday this weekend (I also have a stack of laundry to put away, but that's not the point). And there are many books coming out in 2009 that will help give some purpose to my post-Cybils life.

My 2009 list seems to be mainly new books by Cybils authors:
Fade, by Lisa McMann, which is the sequel to 2008 shortlisted Wake (February).

Once a Princess
, by Sherwood Smith (April). I really enjoyed discovering this author during the Cybils (two of her books were nominated, and I liked them both lots).

Fragile Eternity
, by Melissa Marr, a continuation of the story begun in Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange (late April).

The Magic Thief-Lost, by Sarah Prineas (May 1st) I, um, rather like The Magic Thief, another 2008 shortlister, so I am excited at all get out about this.

The Sorceress, the third book in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flannel series, by Michael Scott (May again)

Sacred Scars
, by Kathleen Duey, which is the sequel to 2007 Cybils finalist Skin Hunger (August). I have almost never been so anxious to go to the next book as I was when I finished Skin Hunger, so this will be a great relief!

, by Kristin Cashore, a prequel to Graceling, another of our 2008 finalists (coming in October).

And here are two I can't wait to read that aren't sci fi/fantasy:

The Indigo Notebook, by Laura Resau (coming in the fall)

Nothing But Ghosts, by Beth Kephart, (coming in June, but which I have in hand already--thanks Beth!)

Finally, I am really really really looking forward to Jellaby, Monster in the City, by Kevin Soo. Jellaby Vol. I ended in a terribly unresolved way (April).

There are doubtless many more that I would be looking forward to if I knew about them. Of course, the book I am waiting for most waitingly isn't coming out till 2010--Megan Whalen Turner's new one. But 2010 is now less than a year away...

And here is Part II of the list--more books that I remembered I want!


  1. The Saturday Review of Books at Semicolon this Saturday, the 3rd, is dedicated to book lists, both retrospective and future-oriented. You're welcome to add a link to yours on Saturday.

  2. Congratulations, Charlotte, on getting through the piles of books and on putting together what seems to be a very well considered list!

  3. I did one too ! You can find it here. I can see many of the books I desperately want to read already have sequels/prequels planned (Duey, Smith, Marr, Cashore). I'm really behind. Thank you for all this info !

  4. I just finished Fragile Eternity. It definitely puts a new spin on Aislinn and Seth, and made me crave a 3rd book...

  5. Ditto to everything on your list, and let me add one more: Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner, which is #1 on my 2009 want list.



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