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Sibylle, at In Training for A Heroine, has given me the Premio Dardos Award! I am tickled. Thanks! I will think about who to pass it on to that might not have gotten it already.

Re Kindle. I dunno if I will ever get one. Or want one. But I do know that I am so tired, just tired, of thinking about rabbits mating whenever I read the word. Remember? Watership Down? "Oh Hazel, Clover is getting ready to Kindle!" Does anyone else have this problem? Now that I am thinking more about it, I've decided I hate the word in general. It has a twee patronizing sound to it.

Re library book sales. I wish that someone else existed who would make sure the starting time on the flyer I mailed out was the same as the time that it said on line and in the library newsletter. It almost never is. I hate that part of the job.

Re the Zoning Board. We got a card in the mail telling us that the zoning board had sent us a certified letter. I immediately assumed it was a Warning about our Illegal Chickens (we aren't zoned for chickens, but the eggs sure come in handy in these Difficult Economic Times. They only owe us $22 in Costs at this point, so only 110 more eggs before they are out of debt). It took five days before the letter was actually in my hands, and of course, it was a non-issue seven houses down the street. Our chickens are safe. They had better stay safe until they produce those 110 eggs.


  1. Hope your chickens produce well for you! A zoning officer once came by my grandmother's while we were having a party because there were tons of cars and some were parked on the lawn. She got served some sort of anti-hillbilly writ!

  2. We lived right on the outskirts of our city, so the zoning was okay for the chickens... if they'd seen the eight cockatiels, the six button quail, the forty finches or the twelve budgies, it might have been different...

    Yes. We had two dogs, a turtle, and two guinea pigs on top of that. Welcome to the menagerie. At least the chickens pay their way.

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who can't match times...I recently printed 100 flyers for a huge workshop our library's having, only to be gently told by my co-worker that I was half an hour off....recycle!


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