More fun with the Doofuzz Dudes! (and a chance to win a copy of their first adventure)

Last June I wrote about the Doofuzz Dudes, the heroes of a fantasy adventure series by Australian writer Roslyn J. Motter. These books are great for elementary school age readers--my own eight-year old loves these books, as do many of his friends. He was very happy that two more have since came our way! The Cobra Curse and Space Spiders continue the wild fun, as Toby and his friends revisit the magical land of Moondar and its neighboring realms, travel back in time, and head out into space! For more information about the Dudes, here's their website.

So in order to share my son's pleasure in these books with another young reader, I'm giving away a signed copy of the first book-The Doofuzz Dudes Rescue Moondar! Please leave a comment by midnight, Saturday, February 21st to win! Open to all, regardless of location--Roslyn Motter has been incredibly generous in sending us multiple copies to share with my son's class and our library, so I'm happy to pass it on!


  1. Hi Charlotte - I Just LOVE the name "Doofuzz Dudes"... Thanks for an opportunity to win a book!


  2. I've never posted a comment, but always ready to win a new book, especially one signed by an author!
    The books look very interesting, can't say I've seen them, which is sad! But as it is my mission in life to spread my passion for reading.. I'll try them! Thanks!


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