And now the People of Ireland have also spoken...

Well, actually a panel of judges for Children's Books Ireland spoke. And they announced the shortlist for the Bistro Children's Book of the Year (as I learned over at Kid's Lit). I'm especially pleased that one of our Cybils shortlisted books made the cut--Airman, by Eoin Colfer, which is a lovely adventure story that I really do mean to review some day, and I did, after all, like it enough to help shortlist it myself. Incidentally, this is the only fantasy book on the list...Creature of the Night, by Kate Thompson, sounds like gritty urban fantasy but isn't.


  1. Whaa? Not a fantasy? Oh, boo. I actually liked The New Policeman quite a bit...

  2. Have you read the sequel--The Last of the High Kings? Although I had a major problem with part of the plot, it's a good read.


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