Fellow fans of The Explosionist will share my pleasure

in the news that Jenny Davidson has finished writing its sequel, The Snow Queen! I am just anxious as all get out to read it.

Here's a blurb about it, from a post she put up on Friday at the HarperTeen Myspace site:

"The book takes up with Sophie in Copenhagen at the alternate-universe version of Niels Bohr’s Institute for Theoretical Physics, which was possibly the most exciting of all possible places to be in our own world’s real historical 1930s, and follows her on a strange and stressful journey first to Sweden and then up north to Lappland and the island of Spitsbergen, where she encounters the Snow Queen in her ice palace."

I would never have guessed, never, that the sequel to The Explosionist would be based on a fairy tale...I am now trying to imagine cover art for it that would convey "based on a fairy tale" while staying true to the look/feel of the first book's cover. It might not be hard. This Sophie always did look a tad too fairy-tale princess like for my taste, given that she's still a school girl:


  1. So do you think I should read The Explosionist, or wait until I can read it together with the sequel, Charlotte?

  2. Excellent! Thanks for passing along the good news.

  3. Ooh, wow! Can't wait! Snow Queen???? How odd!

    Jen, you might as well wait and read them close together; I try to do that when a sequel isn't too far off, since I usually want to reread the first book anyway.

    This was the book I was most rooting for to win the Cybil. Loved it.

  4. I know, Jen--I will annouce the actual publication date when I find out, and then you can read Explosionist two months in advance, so as to allow yourself time to pleasureably anticipate the sequel.

    Or you could just read it now! It's not such a cliffhangerish ending that it hurts not to have the next book.

  5. I didn't even know about the Explosionist. Once again, here's a reason I love the bloggers so much-- they tell me things.

  6. Gosh, Farida--I bet you would like it!

  7. And thank you, Jenny, for writing the sequel!

  8. Thanks, Laini and Charlotte. I think I want to wait, and read the books at least closer together. I like the decadence of doing that, though lately I haven't been very good about waiting to read books that interest me... This is my chance!

  9. Oh, my 12 yo will be excited; she just finished this one, and was lamenting it ending. She'll be happy to know there's a sequel. Maybe I'll be like Jen and put off reading it until closer to the release date of the sequel...


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