My Rathersting Warriors

My boys have joined the clan of Rathersting Warriors! Laini Taylor sent us these tattoos to celebrate the upcoming release of Silksinger, the second book of her Dreamdark series that began with Blackbringer (now out in paperback).

My older son represents Blackbringer (he chose first). My younger son has Silksinger (or, as he calls it, Silkstinger). They took their characterization as Fairy Warriors very seriously (until they cracked themselves up).

1 comment:

  1. I'm dying of Cute Overload.

    I have my tattoo, but haven't yet put it on. I'm seriously considering doing it when I'm wearing my Doc Martens, just to allow everyone in the whole UK to congratulate themselves on their previous belief that The American Girl is, yes, completely whacked.


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