City in the Lake, I'm rooting for you!

I am very happy that in the on-going Nerds Heart YA tournament of books, The City in the Lake, by Rachel Neumeier, which I love, has advanced to the second round, winning over Pretty Monsters, by Kelly Link, which I liked very much.

However, neither Becky nor Kailana, the two judges for this bracket, share my enthusiasm for City, and it seemed like it was, to them, the lesser of two evils. And indeed, City is not a book that I would recommend to many people, especially if I didn't know them well. Basically, I would only recommend it to people who I know are fans of Patricia McKillip (and actually, I can't think of anyone I talk to in real life who is). So if you are a fan of McKillip, do go read this. Or if you think you have the time and patience to savour a book of beautiful and intricate imagery and plot, perhaps you might try it...

Here's the review I wrote last fall.


  1. Yeah, it was the lesser of two evils. It wasn't that I didn't like it, it is just not a book that I can see everyone reading and enjoying? I imagine the book that should win is something a bit more universal, if that makes any sense.

  2. I agree--it really doesn't have a broad appeal...I'd be very surprised it if went much higher, much as I enjoyed it.


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