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First News Item: Harper Collins is having a Supernatural Summer promotion, and why not, given the lovely little cluster of supernatural books they have on offer right now--Fragile Eternity, Wings, Once Dead Twice Shy, The Awakening, and Stargazer. There's a sweepstakes, blogs, videos, and more. I am reading Wings right now with much enjoyment.

There's also a Melissa Marr (author of Fragile Eternity) video contest!

Second News Item: Here's the short list for the British Fantasy Award for Best Novel:

Memoirs of a Master Forger, by William Heaney/Graham Joyce
Midnight Man, by Simon Clark
Rain Dogs, by Gary McMahon
The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman
The Victoria Vanishes, by Christopher Fowler
Thieving Fear, by Ramsey Campbell

Guess which one I've read.

Third News Item: I'm a random winner of the 48 Hour Reading Challenge! Hooray for randomness! And congratulations to the other winners, both the driven four who stayed awake the whole time, and to my random companions. And here, at last, are the pictures that show what I accomplished.

My to-be-read pile before:

My to-be-read pile after: Obviously, I am prepared to do the challenge again this weekend. One reason I like summer more than winter is that the wood stove becomes available as a place to pile books.


  1. Seems like if you do a 48 HBC every weekend during the summer months, you can really polish off that pile. Well, that would be if no new books came in... (grin). So many books, so little time.

  2. Oh wow, your pile looks like mine - except mine isn't nearly so picturesque (that woodstove adds a lot of charm).

  3. Congrats to a fellow random winner!:) And I think I need a wood stove now, since my husband won't buy me another bookshelf:)

  4. It is truly a shame that I can only use the stove for books for four months of the year...

  5. What a dent! Nice work and I'm very jealous of all your books :) Wings...stargazer...drool

  6. Great photos!

    I was going to do the challenge but I wimped out. Maybe next year. Congratulations on your random win :)


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