Twilight (48HRC)

As my 48 hours come to an end, I am reading Twilight. For the first time (haven't seen the movie either). I feel as though, even in my tiredness, I am Accomplishing something (and I didn't want to read a book that I might really want to think about and like. Although I guess I might fall hard for Twilight...)

It is rather fun to be reading a book for the first time but still to know everything.

I chuckled, for instance, when Bella arrives for the first day of school and says to herself, "Nobody's going to bite you!" (page 14).

I am paying close attention to the quality of her relationship with Edward, since I feel I know so much about it (I guess it's a bit like a wildlife biologist, having read about lions for years, finally seeing her first live ones). So far (p. 200) Edward hasn't done much that's objectionable, besides existing--just the dragging her by her jacket to the car so forcibly that she knows that if she falls over he'll just keep dragging. Bad Edward.

Update: I am at p. 278 now. I am feeling that whole pages of this part of the book (Edward and Bella emotionally and physically wallowing around in the woods) could have been replaced with a few well chosen words that subtly implied what is spelled out in far too many. However, I'm beginning to see double, so perhaps it just looks like too many words.

Update 2: It is now 1:42, and I have reachd p 314. Edward and Bella are not enough to keep me awake, so this is it for the 48HRC for me! I will tally my time tomorrow.

Good night!


  1. Lol. What a fun (and rare!) experience. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

  2. You know, that would be a fun experience to know what's happening even before you've read the book.

    I think it's funny that Edward and Bella weren't enough to keep you awake. :)


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