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Many readers of Charlotte’s Library come here looking for advice, and I often feel that I should answer their questions for them. Some are sad: “How do you say sorry when a friend’s sister dies?” And some are silly. Knowing they probably won’t come back to read the answers, though, has kept me from spending any effort on this.

Until now.

Today I was asked:

“How to hook up with a random girl at school library.”

It seems easy enough—you go up to her when she is reading and say “What are you reading?” Or ask her for advice--"Do you know any good books about x y or z?" That sort of thing. Or sit next to her reading a funny book, and start laughing--maybe she'll ask what's so funny.

But my questioner has a more subtle problem—the need for randomness. How can you truly know if the girl you see in the corner is a random girl?

My suggestion here is to map the library on graph paper ala Dungeons and Dragons, number each square, and start rolling your twelve sided dice…until you get a square that has a girl in it. A girl who comes over to ask what you are doing would, de facto, not be random.


  1. !!!
    This amuses me far more than it should.

  2. Oh, Charlotte! Thanks for making me laugh out loud! Love it!

  3. That is so freaking awesome. And I love your response.

  4. I vote that Ask Charlotte become a regular feature.

  5. I just Stumbled this, because as Tanita said, "This amuses me far more than it should." And I tweeted and posted a link on my Facebook Wall.

    I think you should answer questions more often. ;)

  6. But maybe you should have told him to read All of a Kind Family (technically, More All of a Kind Family)...


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