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Last week I started a new feature, one that demonstrates just how Caring I truly am. I derive great pleasure from reading the search terms that lead people here, and felt that I should try to answer the burning questions of those who seek me out. Some I will never answer (What happens in the first chapter of Roland Smith's Peak? What are the main themes of Peak? Where can I find a book report for Peak online? Just read the book, for crying out loud). But some of the questioners have more interesting problems, and are people that I feel I can Help.

Like this poor person, caught in a Kafka-esque nightmare, seemingly unable to confide in family or friends, and finally turning, in desperation, to the internet, with this pitiful cry for help:

"Am I a bunny?"

Answer: No.

Not even if your name is Nicholas and you live in a hollow tree.


  1. Well. I'm sure that bit of wisdom pertains to more people than we would think...

  2. Heh.

    I just went to see if there were any searches that came up on my site that I could send to Ask Charlotte. So far, the main queries that come up are about songs, i.e. "history of Old Joe Clark", "Caedmon's hymn translation" and "planet songs for kids" or searches for chords. I wonder if the searchers feel as if their questions were answered.

  3. How do you access the search terms to your site? I also have blog site and would love to see how people find their way.


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