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Welcome to this week's edition of Ask Charlotte, in which I answer the questions typed into search engines by the masses of desperate people seeking help, and finding my blog instead.

This week's questioner appears to be a would-be author, looking for inspiration, a cool plot that hasn't been taken, or possibly just searching for a void in the literary world that needs filling.

He or she is looking for "books to write." Google gives you 17,700,000 hits on this, but there is no specific list available.

From perusing my stats, I know of two books that lots of people would like to see written: "why didn't make ricky ricotta neptune"? and while we're at it, why didn't ricky ricotta pluto, either?

If anyone does, in fact, know if these last two Ricky Ricotta books ever will be written, over a thousand people have tried to find out by reading my blog, and we'd all appreciate an answer...

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  1. My favorite this week on my blog: "book report on 'Is that a dead dog in your locker?'" I'd like to read that book report.


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