Book Blogger Appreciation Week, Day 1--the blogs that mean a lot to me

Book Blogger Appreciation Week is here! It's a chance to celebrate what we do, and those who do it with us.

For BBAW Day One, we're asked: "What book blogs mean something to you? Who are your most trusted sources for recommendations, your greatest help, the blogger you turn to for a laugh or to vent? Whose writing do you admire or who introduced you to a whole new genre you didn’t know about?"

There are many, many, blogs I enjoy very much (and if you are in the sidebar, or in my google reader, you are one of them), but here are four that are special to me for various reasons.

You know how there are some bloggers whose taste in books marches hand in hand with ones own? I realized this past year that if Aquafortis, who blogs at Finding Wonderland, loves a book, I will too. To Aquafortis: Thanks especially for Seeing Red.

I had a blast being on the Cybils last year with Laini Taylor, who blogs at Grow Wings, and I have become an avid follower of her blog--in a fan girl way I love her books, and I think it's so cool to be friends with an author, and in a real life way I love the pictures she gives of her incredibly colorful (literally) life. Lord knows I don't want to make banners of felt birds, or paint walls Tangerine, but it's very nice to know that someone is! Also, her taste in books is very similar to my own.

Another author I've "met" through blogging is Tanita Davis, one of the most faithful commentors here (thanks Tanita!). I remember the first year or so I was blogging, seeing her commenting at many blogs I followed, and wondering if she would ever like my blog too. (I was, and still am, a rather shy blogger--I have to forcibly remind myself that my comments are just as valid as anyone else's, so my first year especially I barely said a word on other blogs). So it was a pleasure when she began to visit me regularly, and I have truly enjoyed reading (and bravely commenting) on her blog in return. Tanita is one of only two bloggers that I have ever emailed with to continue conversations that started on line...(not counting my Cybils colleagues).*

The second being Jen Robinson. I bet Jen's name comes up a lot today, and with good reason--her generosity and enthusiasm make the kidlitosphere a better place. (Well actually, I edit this to add, I bet her name doesn't come up that much, because we are supposed to be recognizing people that didn't make the BBAW awards shortlists, which Jen did. Oh well.)

*Although maybe I should say three, because Jenny Davidson and I once had an email conversation about buying a communal theremin. And if there are other conversations that have vanished into the mists of my mind, that I'm not mentioning, I'm very sorry.


  1. Thanks so much, Charlotte! I've been paralyzed by this topic (how on earth do I choose who to talk about?). But I have definitely enjoyed our conversations. One of the great side effects of blogging is finding people who, when you read a book, you can think "I bet Charlotte would like this, too", etc. You are one of that short list of people for me. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and I'll be checking out your list. :)

  3. I was so happy to find your blog through BBAW! Love the post and look forward to reading more in the future. :-)

    Have a great BBAW!

  4. These spotlight posts are absolutely killing me. All the blogs sound wonderful!

  5. Hi Charlotte! I'm so happy to be mentioned in such company, and by you, no less -- I'm so glad to have done the Cybils with you, and I agree: our taste in books IS really similar, though you manage to read about a zillion more books than me!


  6. Wow, I'm so glad that our little meanderings in cyberspace have been so much fun! We enjoy them, too, and since A.Fortis and I are both such freaks about SFF, it was our joy to discover your blog, too!

  7. You have fabulous taste! I love all of these bloggers.


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