Fire, by Robin McKinley and Peter Dickinson (Waiting on Wednesday)

Tomorrow (Thursday October 29) is a happy day for McKinley and Dickinson fans--Fire, a collection of short stories, will be released! This book is the second in a planned series covering the four elements. Water, published in 2004, whetted (pun intended) my appetite for more, but this volume was a tad delayed.

Robin McKinley, it turns out, has a little issue with her stories.

There was Sunshine, which decided it wanted to be a book (and if you like vampires and haven't read this one, do so! Now!) . Dragonhaven, ditto, except the vampire part. Chalice, ditto. Which was rather nice for us readers, to have three new McKinley books, but not so great for the anthology....

So anyway, Fire comes out tomorrow! I, for one, will be putting it on my Christmas wants list. It is just the sort of book I like to offer my personal shoppers--easy to buy, and one I have to have.

You can read more here at Robin McKinley's blog.


  1. Yay, I can't wait to read this - I loved SUNSHINE :)

  2. Oooh.... didn't even know about this. Thanks for the heads up. (Good thing Christmas is coming!)

  3. It's a neat coincidence that Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, Fire by Kristin Cashore, and now Fire by McKinley/Dickinson are all published this autumn. I read Water some time back, but didn't realize that there was a planned series of four books based on the elementals. (I don't suppose she'd consider a fifth book with aether as a theme.... Ha! That would be greedy, I know.)


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