Passing the buck to Laini Taylor over at Shelf Elf

Because I have a library booksale to run, starting tonight, and because it is mostly all being done by me, I am passing the buck (or book ha ha) to an interview with Laini Taylor over at Shelf Elf, which makes much better reading than anything I am capable of right now! And then I pass the buck some more, to an interview with Laini's husband, artist Jim Di Bartolo, at Seven Impossible Things, where there is much wondrous art of a fantastical sort to admire.

And even though Laini's book, Lips Touch, didn't win the National Book Award for Young People's Literature (the winner was Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice, by Phillip Hoose , it is still incredibly cool that it made the short list!

And, speaking of awards, The Graveyard Book won another one--the prestigious UK Booktrust Teenage Prize, and you can read Gaiman's thoughts on all his winning-ness, and some loosing-ness, here at the Guardian. I think that the Cybils (hooray for us!) was the first major award he won, so that at least should have had its first fine freshness...

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