A Gift Suggestion--pair the Graveyard Book with EAU DE GHOUL

Mother Reader just posted a lovely list of 105 Ways to Give a Book, matching books with sundry other gifts that go beautifully with them.

Now from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs come the perfect sundry items to give with a Neil Gaiman book. They have created a line of perfumes inspired by his stories.

With The Graveyard Book, perhaps you'd like to give GHÛLHEIM, inspired by this passage:

Ghouls do not build. They are parasites and scavengers, eaters of carrion. The
city they call Ghûlheim is something they found, long ago, but did not make. No
one they call knows (if anyone human ever knew) what kind of creatures it was
that made those buildings, who honeycombed the rock with tunnels and towers, but
it is certain that no-one but the ghoul-folk could have wanted to stay there, or
even to approach that place.

Even from the path below Ghûlheim, even from miles away, Bod could see that all of the angles were wrong -- that the walls sloped crazily, that it was every nightmare he had ever endured made into a place, like a huge mouth of jutting teeth. It was a city that had been built just to be abandoned, in which all the fears and madnesses and revulsions of the creatures who built it were made into stone. The ghoul folk had found it and delighted in it and called it home."

A dark and disjointed scent: smoke and black musk, bladderwrack, opopponax, galangal, and pepper.

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